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Asterisk DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas
13/02/2018 Ania z CottonBee in DIY inspirations / No comments

This time of the year is here again – Valentine’s Day, yay! It’s quite controversial, but whether you care for it or not, it is always so cool to prepare personalised gifts for your loved ones. Handmade is best made, right? So why not to use some DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas? Fabric printing is best for this type of handmades – you can use some scraps or pretty swatches printed for 2,49 EUR/GBP! 

So if you are plotting to make some last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, we digged the Internet to find four best tutorials – and they are easy, fast and looking awesome. Perfect for breaking the cliché traditions at least just a little bit.

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

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Asterisk Printing illlustrations on fabric – Ania’s Simeone guest post
01/02/2018 Ania z CottonBee in DIY inspirations / one comment

Say hello to our „Guest post” section – this is your special place here! We want to introduce to you our first guest post, including Ania’s Simeone special story about fabric printing with illlustrations, with a little help of the bees 🙂 Happy reading! 

Printing illlustrations on fabric

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