Miesiąc: Styczeń 2019

Asterisk Cosplay – how to become a character of pop culture
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Our today’s guest, known in the cosplay environment as Cyperian, is a very interesting character. In our interview with him, you will find a lot of interesting information such as what is cosplay, what role do the individual sewing fabrics play in it and how it is to become someone completely different every once in a while. Have a nice read!


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Asterisk How to sew a hat?
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Many of you are wondering about the first easy sewing project. About the one that will quickly yield results, with no strings attached or too much room for mistakes. Or maybe you or your child simply need a hat? Today, we will show you how to sew a hat really quick! For having great and unique pattern on your hat, use fabric printing services at CottonBee 🙂

How to sew a hat

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