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Asterisk How to start sewing with a machine?
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Sewing with a machine requires a lot of patience and motivation, but the first time you make your own bag or blouse will give you great satisfaction. If you are wondering how to start sewing with a machine and you have such equipment at home or recently started to plan on buying it, remember about this fundamental matter – do not throw the manual away. This is the first crucial rule. After all, it is this machine that your most beautiful creations will be made with. Carefully examine all the advice within the manual, every part and its purpose, so your work is easy and enjoyable.

But before you sit down in front of your device and begin working, you should know the basics of sewing with the sewing machine. First, prepare a sheet of paper on which you can draw your first outfit. Think about what you want to sew. If you have a dream project in your head, put it down on paper first. The first practice is best carried out on old bedsheets or a curtain. For clothes and other accessories, choose stable and stiff fabrics that don’t stretch neither lengthwise nor widthwise.

sewing with the machine

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Asterisk Fabrics with a floral pattern – a fashionable and universal solution
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The floral motif used in home interiors is a look that will never go out of fashion. Small rose illustrations kept in delicate shades will prove to be perfect additions to a children’s room or a bedroom with a subtle design. Large flower patterns with vivid colours can complement any uniquely designed living room, dining room or even bathroom. By using floral fabrics in your home décor, you can add a timeless dimension that is full of freshness and warmth to your interior. Fabric printing will surely help you with this.

fabric with roses
A pattern is available on ctnbee.com
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Asterisk Fabric printing methods – which printing technology to choose?
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Do you print on fabrics? Or maybe you plan on trying? Choosing the technique of printing on a sewing fabric is a key issue if the effect is to please the eye and be durable.

Fabric printing seems to be surrounded by many “myths and legends”. Our clients often have problems with understanding and choosing the right method, which has a colossal effect on the final result of their work. Whether your project turns out exactly as you planned depends on the choice of the right printing method, medium and type of dye. Since we have not found a comprehensive and substantive summary anywhere on the Internet, we decided to collect everything in one place. We really hope that we will make your choice much easier!

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