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Asterisk Banana leaves – the hottest summer trend
29/07/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Today you don’t have to travel far to experience the tropical climate. Banana leaves are a fashionable pattern that will bring a large dose of juicy greenery and positive energy to every apartment. Bold exotic leaf motifs look great in almost every type of interior. Try fabric printing!

tropical leaves to print on fabric

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Asterisk How to properly prepare a file for fabric printing?
22/07/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Tutorials / No comments

Every year, digital fabric printing with pigment inks gains more and more supporters. Thanks to the fast development of technology, it is also becoming a leading printing technique on the market, enabling inexpensive, express and professional printing of any pattern on fabrics. So how to properly prepare a file for printing using this technique?

Let us start by explaining why digital fabric printing is said to be the future of the textile printing industry. Above all, this technology has a constantly expanding scope of advantages. These include no printing plates, relatively low production costs, no minimum order size, no restrictions on the number of colours and quick order processing. This printing method is also considered to be very ecological: at CottonBee, we dye fabrics with high-quality Japanese pigment inks, and we fix the patterns using high temperature only – without the use of any chemicals. Moreover, the fabrics on which we print are certified, natural woven and knitted cotton fabrics of Polish production.

fabric printing - amazing patterns

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Asterisk Bee fabrics – the honey collection
10/07/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Lovers of warm interior design and, at the same time, original accessories will certainly like fabrics with bee pattern. This is an interesting proposal that will introduce a summer vibe to any interior. Woven and knitted fabrics with a bee pattern from our collection will work well as decorations for kitchen and garden furniture. The bee motif looks beautifully on tablecloths, organizers, covers and chair upholstery.
bees on fabric printed od demand

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