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We print on jersey!

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Cotton Bee

Preorder CottonBee Swatch Book with jersey samples for 1,99 EUR/GBP

You’ll get unprinted samples of all CottonBee woven and knitted fabrics. FREE SHIPPING!

Order CottonBee Swatch Book

We will send the Swatch Book on 6th October 2017

Jersey fabrics we print on:

Cotton Bee

Loopback jersey 250g/m2

90% cotton, 10% polyester

19,90 EUR / 18,50 GBP / running metre with print

Soft, non-brushed sweatshirt jersey, looped from the bottom. It is slightly stretchy and keeps its shape after a long period of time due to the polyester addition. Polyester yarn is located inside a jersey layer and it doesn't touch skin. Appropriate for sweatshirts, sportswear and hats.

Cotton Bee

Cotton single jersey 180g/m2

100% cotton

17,90 EUR / 16,90 GBP / running metre with print

Breathable and light jersey fabric made from natural fibres. Soft and gentle to the skin. It is breathable and ensures high comfort in everyday use. Perfect for T-shirts, underwear, dresses and children clothing.

Cotton Bee

Cotton interlock 160g/m2

100% cotton

18,90 EUR / 17,90 GBP / running metre with print

Double-side jersey - both sides are equally soft! It is perfect for baby and children clothes. It is characterised by high shrinkage and non-folding hems. Use it for sewing a baby bodysuit, underwear and blankets.

Cotton Bee

Single jersey 200g/m2

92% cotton, 8% spandex

18,90 EUR / 17,90 GBP / running metre with print

Soft, resilient and pleasant to the touch. Fabric of great stretch and high durability. Cotton allows skin to breathe and addition of spandex makes the fabric elastic and stretchy. Appropriate for leggings, dresses, children clothes and sportswear.

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We print on demand, so we can print just a piece of your fabric!

Customer friendly company

Use our user-friendly creator to design your fabric or just call us

Vivid colours and great fastness

We use highest quality water-based, eco-friendly pigment inks

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Haven’t decided yet? Order a Swatch Book!

Order our Swatch Book including 10x10 cm samples of all CottonBee fabrics and be sure what you buy.

Only 1,99 EUR / GBP and free delivery.

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