Top 5 Cotton Waffle Uses

Cotton waffle is a one-of-a-kind material. On its surface, it has a characteristic, three-dimensional texture that cannot be mistaken for any other fabric. The material is deceptively similar to the surface of a sweet wafer or waffle. What is the best use of a cotton waffle fabric? Check out our ideas and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

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Advantages of cotton waffle fabric

Cotton waffle with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I certificate is a fabric that is completely safe for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. In direct contact with the skin, it will be pleasant and will not cause irritation, which is why it can be used as a bedding or clothing material. Conventional cotton waffle fabric is breathable and absorbent, so it can be used for swimwear cover-ups or summer wardrobe staples. An interesting waffle texture can add charm to curtains or decorative elements in the interior. You can wash the waffle fabric in the washing machine, so its care will not cause any headaches. 

Wash before sewing

Due to its unusual weave, the waffle fabric shrinks in the first wash, gaining softness and fluffiness. If you are planning to sew pillows or clothes from it, be sure to steam or machine wash the fabric before sewing. With this simple step, you will avoid an unpleasant surprise when a beautifully sewn bathrobe shrinks after the first wash.

Summer dress

If you appreciate interesting patterns and textures in your wardrobe, a cotton wafer will surely appeal to you as a base for an airy summer dress. The wafer is pleasant and meaty, beautifully arranged and will certainly attract the eye. The waffle fabric will perfectly keep the shape of a flared dress, adding charm to it. Young fashionistas will certainly appreciate dresses made of waffle fabric.


A soft and absorbent cotton waffle fabric is the perfect material for a bathrobe. You will be happy to wrap yourself in soft cotton after a bath so that the material absorbs excess water from the skin. A bathrobe made of waffle fabric will also work in the evenings when you need a soft and breathable layer to protect against the cold. A cotton waffle bathrobe will be lighter than a typical fluffy terry robe, so you can wear it in the summer as well.

Children’s bed linen

The unusual texture of the cotton wafer will delight the hands of the youngest. Safe for children under 3 years of age, printed cotton waffle fabric with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate can be used as bedding or cot accessories. This way, you can fill your child’s bedroom with interesting, patterned accessories that will not irritate the child’s sensitive skin.

Home decorations

How to quickly add charm to any space in your home? Cotton waffle fabric will be a great addition to your interior. The eye-catching texture of the material will stand out against the background of smooth textiles on furniture. The cotton waffle can be used as a material for fancy curtains, interesting sofa cushions or decorative napkins for the dining table.

Blanket or bedspread

The waffle texture is perfect for decorative bedspreads or blankets for a sofa or bed. If you want a thicker, warmer blanket, put a light layer of pillow filling between the two layers of waffle fabric and sew the fabric together. A single layer of cotton waffle fabric is enough for light, subtle bedspreads.

What patterns to print on cotton waffle fabric?

In the case of pigment printing, which is a surface method of dyeing fabrics, light, pastel patterns or motifs on white backgrounds work best on the cotton waffle. The pigment distributed by the machine will not always reach all the folds of the waffle structure, so when choosing a pattern for printing on a cotton waffle, be sure to consider this. Check how your designs look on a cotton waffle before ordering a few meters of this fabric. The uniformity of the colours on the wafer is also clearly visible on the colour map.


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