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CottonBee Swatch book

Can't decide what fabric to choose for your next project? Maybe you prefer to look for inspirations starting from a choice of woven and jersey fabrics? Order CottonBee Swatch Book!

For 1,99 EUR/GBP and free shipping you get 10x10cm unprinted samples of all our woven and jersey fabrics that we print on: voile, crettone, satin, linen, panama, sofia, gabardine, interlock, single jersey, loopback jersey. We also add some colourfully printed samples to help you make a decision before placing an order.

Order CottonBee Swatch Book for 1,99 EUR/GBP and free shipping!

Order a Swatch Book
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Haven’t decided yet? Order a Swatch Book
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Haven’t decided yet? Order a Swatch Book!

Order our Swatch Book including 10x10 cm samples of all CottonBee fabrics and be sure what you buy.

Only 1,99 EUR / GBP and free delivery.

Order a Swatch Book