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Asterisk Spotted fabrics – animal patterns as a must have
18/10/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Animal motifs are a quick way to attract attention. Bold, multicoloured and associated with the kingdom of the jungle, they can inspire curiosity as well as reluctance. In this case, choosing the right sewing fabric is the key to success. The right one has an impact on the wearing comfort and provides a stylish look that is in no way connected with kitsch or vulgarity. Original spotted fabrics are characterised by their potential for wide use – they are suitable for both decorating a flat and creating a fashionable wardrobe.

sewing fabric with animal spots
Pattern available on ctnbee.com.
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Asterisk Halloween patterns – that is, how to be glamorous
02/10/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

October 31st is a date beloved by children. An evening full of tricks, treats and good fun undoubtedly goes hand in hand with the word: „Halloween”. However, it is difficult to imagine this magical day without prior preparations. Hollowed out pumpkins, cobwebs and witch hats herald the arrival of this American holiday. Proper decorations effectively create an atmosphere of horror, and street garlands and lanterns ensure that during this day of the year, cities achieve a unique character. Choosing the right sewing fabrics is a guarantee of successful Halloween decorations in the apartment.

halloween printed sewing fabrics
Patterns available on ctnbee.com.
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Asterisk Monstera leaves – the most fashionable flower in years
20/09/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Monstera has been popular for years, but her return to interior design seems to be not just a temporary trend but a model that will remain with us for much longer. Monstera leaf pattern has become a very important motif appearing in many places. It is present in both quiet bedrooms and cosy kitchens. Living room decorations, kitchen accessories – the popularity of this design has dominated almost every element of interior design.

monstera leaf pattern
The pattern is available in ctnbee.com.
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Asterisk African patterns – full of colour and energy
03/09/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

African style is a way to create an exotic atmosphere at your home and an original complement to your summer wardrobe. This pattern has various substyles, which are distinguished by their original colour schemes. Moroccan style is characterized by pastel colours, similar to the East-African style, which additionally incorporates red and yellow. On the other hand, the South-African style is full of diverse, very sharp colours.

African print - printing on demand
The pattern is available in ctnbee.com.
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Asterisk Peacock feather fabrics – a reason to be proud
13/08/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Peacock feathers are associated primarily with elegance, dignity and magnificent colouration. Using fabrics with this motif, you will introduce original, elegant additions to your home. Woven and knitted fabrics decorated with feathers of these birds will provide an exciting contrast in rooms where bright colours prevail. In our collection, you will find fabrics in various colours, which will surely match your expectations.

the peacock feather fabrics
The pattern is available in ctnbee.com.
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Asterisk Banana leaves – the hottest summer trend
29/07/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Today you don’t have to travel far to experience the tropical climate. Banana leaves are a fashionable pattern that will bring a large dose of juicy greenery and positive energy to every apartment. Bold exotic leaf motifs look great in almost every type of interior. Try fabric printing!

tropical leaves to print on fabric

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Asterisk Bee fabrics – the honey collection
10/07/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Lovers of warm interior design and, at the same time, original accessories will certainly like fabrics with bee pattern. This is an interesting proposal that will introduce a summer vibe to any interior. Woven and knitted fabrics with a bee pattern from our collection will work well as decorations for kitchen and garden furniture. The bee motif looks beautifully on tablecloths, organizers, covers and chair upholstery.
bees on fabric printed od demand

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Asterisk Fabrics with a floral pattern – a fashionable and universal solution
26/06/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

The floral motif used in home interiors is a look that will never go out of fashion. Small rose illustrations kept in delicate shades will prove to be perfect additions to a children’s room or a bedroom with a subtle design. Large flower patterns with vivid colours can complement any uniquely designed living room, dining room or even bathroom. By using floral fabrics in your home décor, you can add a timeless dimension that is full of freshness and warmth to your interior. Fabric printing will surely help you with this.

fabric with roses
A pattern is available on ctnbee.com
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Asterisk Abstract print collection
31/01/2018 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Who doesn’t like a good, abstract pattern? See brand new abstract print collection!

Abstract painteirly is such a popular trend – no wonder, everyone likes some craziness in their lives. Dots, specks, stripes, huge colour stains – it’s all there, making good looking compositions that are worth to stare on.

Choose one of abstract patterns and CottonBee will print it on a cotton woven or jersey fabric of your choice. Try voile, cretonne, gabardine, satin, linen… or jersey: single jersey, interlock, sweatshirt jersey! Fabric printing with abstract patterns might be a good choice for cushions, curtains or even clothes that really stand out! See our highlighted patterns below or visit our site to see whole new abstract print collection!

abstract print collection

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Asterisk Christmas fabric pattern collection – print your own Christmas fabric!
02/01/2018 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Christmas are here! If you are looking for a perfect Christmas pattern fabric, we are here for you. CottonBee gathered some beautiful Christmas designs in a Christmas fabric printing pattern collection! You can find it here. All design we may print on cotton woven or jersey fabric.

Christmas pattern fabric:

Christmas pattern fabric



Christmas pattern fabric

Christmas pattern fabric

…and many more! Visit our Christmas fabric collection and sew yourself something festive.

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