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Asterisk Pigment ink printing on fabrics – why is it on the rise?
04/11/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Tutorials / No comments

Pigment ink printing, despite its still low popularity, has already permanently entered the textile industry, becoming an integral part of it. The share of this particular method of dyeing and printing fabrics currently amounts to around 3% on the textile market, but this does not diminish the advantages of pigment printing. What are the strengths of this printing process?

process of pattern printing on fabric
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Asterisk What sewing materials to choose? A short guide to woven and knitted fabrics
25/10/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in DIY inspirations / No comments

The comfort of wear and an ability to ideally suit your needs – that’s what you can provide yourself with by simply choosing the right woven or knitted fabric. But how to do so having little or no knowledge about the sewing materials? First of all, you need to grasp the basic differences between the woven and knitted fabric, and then you can pick sewing materials that suit your individual preferences. Which fabric to choose and what to focus on? We will help you decide.

variety of printed fabrics on boxes
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Asterisk Laden Sie das Lookbook Herbst-Winter 2019/2020 kostenlos herunter
18/10/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Bez kategorii / No comments

Möchten Sie herausfinden, welche Motive in der Herbst-Winter-Saison 2019/2020 am angesagtesten sind? Suchen Sie Inspiration, mit der Sie den Inhalt Ihrer Garderobe leicht ändern oder aktuelle Trends in Ihre Wohnung einbringen können? Informieren Sie sich über die wichtigsten Stoffe zum Nähen von Kleidung und zur Inneneinrichtung.

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Asterisk Spotted fabrics – animal patterns as a must have
Gosia z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Animal motifs are a quick way to attract attention. Bold, multicoloured and associated with the kingdom of the jungle, they can inspire curiosity as well as reluctance. In this case, choosing the right sewing fabric is the key to success. The right one has an impact on the wearing comfort and provides a stylish look that is in no way connected with kitsch or vulgarity. Original spotted fabrics are characterised by their potential for wide use – they are suitable for both decorating a flat and creating a fashionable wardrobe.

sewing fabric with animal spots
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Asterisk Download free autumn-winter 2019/2020 lookbook
Gosia z CottonBee in DIY inspirations / No comments

Do you want to know what are the most fashionable motifs of autumn-winter 2019/2020 season? Are you looking for inspirations on how to revamp your current wardrobe and spice up your interior by incorporating some on-trend items? Check out trending sewing materials for garment making and home decor. 

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Asterisk Sewing clothes yourself – pros and cons
11/10/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Bez kategorii / No comments

A well-known proverb: „fine feathers make fine birds” regards the evaluation of your appearance. Aesthetics, neatness, whether your clothes fit – it all affects our looks and how we are perceived by others. Sewing tailor-made clothes appears to be one of the frequently chosen solutions on the way to a one of a kind wardrobe. Unique clothes, however, have their price. So what are the pros and cons of sewing clothes yourself?sewing clothes how to stand out in crowd

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Asterisk Halloween patterns – that is, how to be glamorous
02/10/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

October 31st is a date beloved by children. An evening full of tricks, treats and good fun undoubtedly goes hand in hand with the word: „Halloween”. However, it is difficult to imagine this magical day without prior preparations. Hollowed out pumpkins, cobwebs and witch hats herald the arrival of this American holiday. Proper decorations effectively create an atmosphere of horror, and street garlands and lanterns ensure that during this day of the year, cities achieve a unique character. Choosing the right sewing fabrics is a guarantee of successful Halloween decorations in the apartment.

halloween printed sewing fabrics
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Asterisk Monstera leaves – the most fashionable flower in years
20/09/2019 Gosia z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

Monstera has been popular for years, but her return to interior design seems to be not just a temporary trend but a model that will remain with us for much longer. Monstera leaf pattern has become a very important motif appearing in many places. It is present in both quiet bedrooms and cosy kitchens. Living room decorations, kitchen accessories – the popularity of this design has dominated almost every element of interior design.

monstera leaf pattern
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Asterisk How do I print a pattern on a woven or knitted fabric?
09/09/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Tutorials / No comments

The development of digital fabric printing technology means that it is increasingly being chosen by both textile entrepreneurs and those who sew for their own needs. No wonder as digital printing allows you to print unique designs of your authorship or ready-made designs from a catalogue – even in minimal quantities. See how easy it is to print your dream designs on woven or knitted fabric.

how to print on fabrics

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Asterisk African patterns – full of colour and energy
03/09/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Pattern collections / No comments

African style is a way to create an exotic atmosphere at your home and an original complement to your summer wardrobe. This pattern has various substyles, which are distinguished by their original colour schemes. Moroccan style is characterized by pastel colours, similar to the East-African style, which additionally incorporates red and yellow. On the other hand, the South-African style is full of diverse, very sharp colours.

African print - printing on demand
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