Mesh fabric – light and breathable fabric. What is its specification and what are its applications?

Mesh fabric is a textile characterized by an openwork structure, making it very light and airy. The mesh fabric does not absorb much water, thanks to which it dries very quickly. This fabric is ideal for use in projects where thermal comfort and airflow are important. What exactly is a mesh fabric and in which projects does it work best?

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Characteristics of the mesh fabric

Mesh knit is a fabric that is made of synthetic fibres such as polyester, lycra or polypropylene. It is characterized by an open structure that allows the free flow of air. Mesh is typically available in various thicknesses and densities, which allows it to be adapted to various applications. It is a very light and flexible fabric, which is perfect for easy adjustment to the body. It is also resistant to tearing and abrasion, which makes it durable for any physical activity. The custom-printed mesh fabric does not fade in the sun or wear off with heavy use, and the colours do not lose their intensity after many washes.

In what projects will mesh fabric work?

Mesh fabric is used in many areas, including fashion and sports. Polyester mesh is ideal for use in sportswear as it allows air to circulate freely, preventing your body from overheating. This is especially important in the case of physical activity, where ventilation and moisture management are important. Polyester mesh is often used in sports shirts, shorts and jackets. You can also use mesh knit for breathable inserts in sportswear – a strip of openwork fabric inserted into the leg of leggings or shorts will increase air circulation.

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How to sew mesh?

Before sewing a mesh fabric, it must be properly prepared. First of all, steam the fabric to shrink it before cutting. Hang the fabric out evenly to dry to make it easier to work on a smooth surface later. When sewing mesh, use a needle and thread suitable for stretch fabrics. A 70-80 size jersey ballpoint needle and polyester or nylon thread work best. It is important that the needle is sharp and not too thick, as it can damage the structure of the fabric. On your machine, select a zigzag or stretch stitch if your machine has one. Be sure to reduce the thread tension to avoid puckering. Do not stretch the fabric, as this can distort and stretch the cut!

Is the care of mesh fabric difficult?

Mesh is a polyester knit with an openwork structure that does not absorb moisture and allows the skin to breathe during training. After returning from the gym, you can safely throw the mesh in the washing machine, but before you do that, check how to wash mesh! For all polyester materials, never wash them at a temperature higher than 60 degrees Celsius. Too high a washing temperature may damage the structure of the material, which will become less flexible or shrink significantly. Do not use bleach or strong stain removers to wash printed sports fabrics. Never put mesh in the washing machine with pants and other items of clothing that have zippers or metal elements that can damage the delicate, openwork fabric. If you wash the mesh with other items in the washing machine, you can put it in a delicates bag for safety.

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Do not tumble dry

Even without spinning, the mesh removed from the washing machine will not drip water, because polyester sports knitted fabrics do not absorb water like cotton or other materials made of natural fibres. After washing, hang the mesh to dry, which should not take more than 30 minutes.

You don’t need to iron

All kinds of polyester knitted fabrics do not like high temperatures. If the mesh creases badly, you can of course iron it at a low temperature, preferably through a layer of another fabric. You can also use a steamer to smooth out small creases on the surface of clothes.


Mesh knitwear is a material that is characterized by an open structure, making it light and airy. Mesh will be appreciated by fans of sports and an active lifestyle – from this sports fabric you can build a large wardrobe of clothes for various exercises. The mesh fabric is easy to keep clean, and its proper washing and drying will preserve its quality and durability for many years.


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