Softshell – what should you know about it? A practical guide to the fabric and its applications 

Three layers, wonderful prints and a fabric that is waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time? Yes, have a look at softshell – a perfect textile for outdoor clothing and waterproof accessories. Discover the greatest advantages of softshell fabric and its best applications! 

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Sublimation printed softshell fabric

What exactly is a softshell?  

Softshell is an innovative fabric that has gained recognition among lovers of outdoor activities. It is a fabric with a special structure, usually consisting of several layers that combine different properties. The outer layer is made of durable, flexible polyester or nylon, which provides protection against wind and moisture. The middle layer is a breathable membrane that allows perspiration to escape while keeping you warm. The inner layer, often made of soft fleece, provides comfort and thermal insulation. Sublimation printing on softshell fabric opens up new possibilities for lovers of outdoor activities and brands that want to stand out on the market – see how you can use this fabric! 

What are the biggest advantages of softshell? 

Softshell is a revolution in the world of outdoor clothing, combining incomparable advantages that make it irreplaceable in any adventure. First of all, this fabric is characterized by exceptional breathability, which allows you to maintain thermal comfort during intense activities. Waterproof and windproof make it the perfect companion in changing weather, protecting against unpleasant weather conditions. In addition, its lightness makes it an indispensable piece of equipment for every nature lover. See how a softshell can transform your outdoor experience. 

What applications is softshell best suited to? 

Softshell is a versatile fabric that works well in a variety of situations and outdoor activities. 

Trekking clothes  

Softshell fabric with sublimation print is the perfect choice for lovers of mountain tourism, climbing, skiing or snowboarding. Thanks to its breathability and protection from the wind, the softshell is ideal for mountaineers, where the weather conditions can change quickly. Softshell is an undoubted favourite of skiers and snowboarders. Softshell layers can be worn as part of a cello suit, providing additional thermal insulation and wind protection on the slopes. 


Sublimation printing on softshell allows you to create personalized sportswear, such as jackets, pants, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Thanks to this, sports teams, fitness clubs or companies organizing sports events can stand out from the competition and increase the recognition of their brand. Lightweight and breathable softshell jacket for running in the colder seasons, providing protection against wind and light rain. Jackets and pants made of printed softshell provide comfort and protection while cycling, especially in the colder months. 

Casual clothes 

Softshell with sublimation print is also an excellent choice for people who value comfort and functionality in everyday life. Thanks to its fashionable appearance and practical properties, softshell can be worn as a jacket, sweatshirt or trousers, providing protection against cold and wind. 

Softshell fabric

Dog clothes 

Softshell dog clothes are an excellent choice for dog owners who want to provide their pets with comfort and protection against weather conditions. Softshell fabric will provide protection against rain and wind, making dog clothes made of this fabric perfect for cold and rainy days. What’s more, softshell is a durable fabric that is easy to care for and does not require special treatments. Dog clothes made of softshell are resistant to abrasion and fading, which means that they will serve for a long time. 

Is softshell care complicated? 

Softshell fabric care is not complicated, but it requires some attention and care to maintain its properties and appearance for longer. Softshell is best washed in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius, using a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Before washing, be sure to close all zippers and snaps to avoid damage to the fabric. Air-dry the best softshell. The fabric usually does not require ironing, and if visible creases appear on it, iron it at a low temperature, necessarily on the left side or through a cloth. 

Why sublimation printed softshell is the perfect fabric for outdoor clothing? 

Sublimation printing on softshell fabric allows you to obtain vivid, durable and precise patterns on the fabric. Thanks to this, clothing can become an expression of individual style or strengthen the brand image. Sublimation penetrates deep into the structure of the fabric, which makes the patterns resistant to fading, abrasion and cracking. This means that printed softshell clothing will retain its attractive appearance for a long time. Custom-printed softshell fabric can be decorated with any colours and patterns. What’s more, the sublimation process does not negatively affect the properties of the softshell, such as lightness and breathability. Thanks to this, sublimation printed clothing still provides comfort and functionality that are crucial for lovers of outdoor activities. 

Sublimation printing on softshell is the perfect solution for those who are looking for clothing of high quality, durability and unique appearance, without sacrificing functionality and comfort. 


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