Do you have your own patterns for fabric printing?

On our website, you will find an entire catalogue of ready-made patterns for printing, which contains over a million designs. We group some of the patterns into thematic collections to make it easier for you to find a specific pattern (e.g. flowers, monsteras, stripes). We are constantly expanding the list of ready-made collections and regularly adding new ones to our catalogue.

If you are looking for a particular pattern, just enter the phrase in the search engine – you can filter the search results based on various categories and colours. Once you have chosen a ready-made pattern, you can change its size and the way it is repeated on the fabric before printing it. For seamless designs, the latter option is not necessary, but you can use it if you want to achieve an interesting effect in which the design will be arranged differently on the fabric.

If you print ready-made patterns and want to use such fabrics for commercial purposes, you can do so as long as you purchase a minimum of 1 running metre. According to our rules of graphics and design licensing, when you buy sewing fabric printed with a pattern chosen from the Catalogue, you acquire rights according to the Standard License. In order to legally use the purchased printed fabric for commercial purposes (that is, use it to sew a dress intended for sale), you must purchase at least one running metre of printed sewing fabric. Samples and swatches printed with a pattern chosen from the Catalogue are only to check the appearance of the print and are not to be sold.

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