Printing on cotton fabric

Sustainable printing on cotton fabric with fulfilment in 3-5 business days. Choose from a variety of cotton fabrics and knits for any creative project. High-quality cotton printing with no minimum order, free shipping over 100 EUR and bulk discounts.

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Printing on fabric digitally based on 5745 reviews


Printing on fabric digitally 4.90 | 5745 reviews

Printing on cotton fabric

100% cotton Cotton combines extraordinary softness, a natural appearance, and excellent absorbency while maintaining color durability.

Printing on cotton Printing on cotton fabric allows for the application of various patterns, graphics, and colors.

Ecology Cotton is a natural plant-based product, making it more environmentally friendly than other materials. We hold GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications.

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Check which fabrics we print on. The base version of the Swatch Book contains samples of cotton fabrics, but you can also add samples in organic cotton, viscose, polyester and silk. Sample size is 9 x 16.5 cm. The Swatch Book is ready to be sent out the same day!

Printing on fabric digitally Printing on fabric digitally
Printing on fabric digitally Printing on fabric digitally
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What is cotton?

Cotton is a natural plant fiber extracted from the fruits of the cotton plant. The process of cotton formation begins with carefully conducted cultivation on special plantations, where cotton plants go through growth and flowering cycles, and the fruits, known as bolls, are harvested when mature. Subsequently, there is a processing stage in which cotton undergoes various processes, and the fibers are separated from the seeds. Cotton possesses several advantages that make it a unique material. Its natural softness makes it gentle on the skin, making it a popular choice in clothing and textiles production. Furthermore, its moisture-absorbing ability makes cotton fabrics breathable and well-suited for various climatic conditions. Color durability is another significant characteristic of cotton, maintaining the vibrancy of colors, contributing to the aesthetic appearance of products. From an ecological perspective, cotton also presents favorable attributes. It is biodegradable, meaning it naturally decomposes in the environment, minimizing its negative impact on the planet. Organic cotton cultivation, conducted without artificial pesticides and chemical fertilizers, represents an environmentally friendly production approach, concurrently caring for the balanced ecosystem. In this way, cotton not only provides us with exceptional fibers for various applications but also represents an ecological alternative, promoting both user comfort and environmental protection.

What can you make using cotton?

The applications of cotton in sewing are incredibly versatile, encompassing a variety of clothing and textile products. Cotton is often used in clothing production, offering natural softness and excellent breathability. Everyday garments such as T-shirts, blouses, and pants are crafted from cotton, as well as more elegant wardrobe pieces like dresses and shirts. Additionally, cotton is a popular choice for making undergarments, providing comfort and breathability. In the realm of home textiles, cotton plays a crucial role. Cotton bedding is highly favored for its touchable comfort and temperature-regulating ability, making it ideal for both summer and winter nights. Moreover, cotton sweaters are a stylish and comfortable option for cooler days. Cotton is also utilized in the production of accessories such as towels, scarves, and tablecloths, guaranteeing their softness and durability. It's worth emphasizing that the applications of cotton are broad and cover almost all areas of textile craftsmanship, bringing benefits in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

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Order CottonBee swatch book with free shipping!

Compose your own swatch book! The base version includes cotton fabric swatches, but you can also add organic cotton, viscose, polyester and silk swatches.