How to print your own sewing fabric?

It's easy! See how to print your own original sewing fabric in 4 steps. We print digitally on sewing fabrics - woven and knitted. Fabrics on which we print are OEKO-TEX certified. 99% of our orders are printed and sent within 5 working days. We invite you to a creative adventure!


Choose the fabric

You can choose from fabrics with different weaves, textures and grammages. All woven and knitted fabrics on which we print patterns are either conventional cotton, organic cotton or polyester. We carefully select the suppliers of fabrics - we are confident that our materials are produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. You can't make up your mind?

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CottonBee fabrics Swatch book


Design your pattern

Draw and send your original design to print on fabric and then upload it to our application! You don't have your own pattern? We have a comprehensive catalogue with over a million options. The most beautiful designs are grouped into thematic collections. Exotic flowers, wild animals or maybe geometric patterns? Find out which style you fancy the most!

Would you like to start your adventure with patterns on fabric?

T-shirt with your own pattern


Buy as much as you want

We do not have the maximum order size limit. We do not prepare expensive printing forms, nor do we charge for additional colours. We can even print a piece of your fabric! If you want to try out any pattern, order a 20x20 cm sample - it costs only 2,49 EUR/GBP. You can start printing more at any time! A running metre of fabric with a print starts at 16,90 EUR.

20 x 20 cm
2,49 EUR

48 x 48 cm
4,99 EUR

145 - 156 cm x 100 cm
from 16,90 EUR

Custom fabric no minimum order


Enjoy the unique fabric

Woven and knitted fabrics are custom-made. The entire process can take as little as 3 working days from the moment of transferring the order to fulfilment. We make every effort to ensure that you will get your fabric as soon as possible. Printed textiles are sent to you in a colourful package, and you can start sewing!

Order processing from 3 business days

Unlimited number of colours in the project

Courier shipping from 9,90 EUR/GBP

Custom fabric printed on demand

Have you figured out what you want to print already?

At CottonBee, there are no limits to creativity. Print whatever you want on the fabric- your own design or one of over a million designs from the catalogue. Choose one of the options below:

Print your pattern

Create your own original sewing fabric! Design the graphic art that you will upload to our application, and we will print it on the woven fabric or knitwear of your choice.

fabric printing - upload file

Browse the collection of patterns

Our catalogue consists of more than a million diverse seamless patterns to choose from. We group them into thematic collections to inspire you and facilitate making this fun decision.

For business GOTS fabrics
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CottonBee Swatch book

Haven’t decided yet? Order a Swatch Book!

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