What are the characteristics of an OEKO-TEX certified fabric?

A fabric with the OEKO-TEX certificate is a guarantee that every component of the fabric is free of harmful chemicals. Every OEKO-TEX certified fabric goes through a rigorous testing process to assess whether it is suitable for contact with human skin.

To receive the OEKO-TEX certificate, the submitted fabric must be free of more than 100 chemical substances recognised as harmful to health. An OEKO-TEX fabric is safe for children, allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. Fabrics that have passed the certification process are suitable for everyday use and do not irritate or cause allergies. OEKO-TEX certified fabrics are divided into several classes that define their recommended use.

Class I products are safe for infants and children up to the age of 3, which means that they are suitable for the manufacture of clothing, bed linens and fabric toys. Class II products are suitable for direct contact with the skin, so these are mainly clothing, underwear, bed linen, etc. Classes III and IV are products that are not in direct contact with the skin – decorative articles such as drapes, curtains and shades.

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