Why is digital printing using pigmented inks eco-friendly?

CottonBee is an eco-friendly printing house for eco-friendly textile companies. We do our best to make the world at least a little less polluted. For this reason, we have decided on sustainable digital printing with pigment inks, which is also known as the technology of the future. During printing, we use pigmented inks, that is, odourless substances prepared based on water. No less important is the printing and finishing process itself. We have access to a modern technology park (the highest quality industrial printer and our own processing line for post-production), thanks to which we provide a comprehensive service and are able to control the entire production cycle: from the initial preparation of textiles, through printing patterns on them, to fixing, softening and refining to meet the requirements for further industrial production. All according to your individual needs and with the greatest belief that climate care is not only a choice but, above all, an ethical duty.

Digital printing using pigmented inks allows you to print any pattern on the fabrics, bypassing the stage of evaporation and washing (as is the case with, for example, printing using reactive dyes), thus allowing for additional water and energy savings. This technology, therefore, provides an advantage in terms of sustainability both over analogue printing (screen printing) and other digital printing techniques.

Fabric printing at CottonBee, therefore, fits perfectly with the idea of slow and tailor-made fashion – you print as much as you want and exactly as you need.

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