Cotton satin: what fabric is it exactly and what can you make with it?

Cotton satin is an elegant fabric great for any home textiles, elegant garments or accessories. Learn about all the characteristics of cotton satin and check out what can you use it for.

Cotton satin printed by CottonBee

Cotton satin properties

Cotton satin is a soft and flowy fabric with a grammage of 132 g/m2. It’s a light fabric with a satin weave that makes the textile extremely smooth and gives it a subtle sheen. The smooth surface of this fabric makes for a great base for intricate prints, as even the smallest details turn out as sharp as can be. Cotton satin’s warp and the weft count is as high as 550 by 332. The changes in width and length of cotton satin after pre-shrinking is almost unnoticeable. After the first wash both width and length can change as little as +0,5%. Cotton satin is produced locally and has OEKO-TEX certification. 

What do I need to sew cotton satin? 

Cotton satin is a textile suitable both for machine and hand-sewing. While working with cotton satin pinking shears or a rotary cutter with a zigzag blade will come in handy, as they can minimise the unravelling of the fabric’s raw edges. Once you get to sewing with cotton satin it is best to overlock the edges or use a french seam, so the raw edges on the inside of the garments won’t unravel during wearing and washing of the clothes. When hemming any project from cotton satin double fold the edge or use bias tape. 

What can I make from cotton satin? 

Cotton satin from our offer is a natural and breathable fabric. It is a soft fabric that is nice to the touch and flows beautifully. The subtle shine of this particular textile makes it a perfect fit for any elegant garments. Satin weave makes for a very smooth and soft fabric that can easily be used as bed linen, since it won’t cause any discomfort, even for the most sensitive skin. 

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Elegant clothing 

The subtle sheen of the cotton satin fabric makes it a stunning fabric choice for any type of elegant clothing. Printed button-up dress shirts or classy dress will look amazing in any event photos. Summer smart-casual outfits made out of cotton satin will ensure you look elegant in the office but will give you enough airflow to feel comfortable throughout the day. As a 100% cotton fabric, our satin is a great choice for everyday wear. The fabric is breathable and will never leave you feeling uncomfortable, even in the hottest weather. 

Cotton satin printed by CottonBee

Weighted blankets and bed linen

Tightly woven cotton satin will be an amazing fabric choice for sewing your custom weighted blanket. Satin weave won’t allow even the smallest of the glass beads to slip through. Bed linen made out of cotton satin will not only ensure a good and comfortable night sleep but also will look extraordinary – any print you choose will create a stunning visual on cotton satin. 

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Decorative home textiles

Do you like to throw parties that your guests will remember for years to come? Do you need a creative solution to decorate your interior? The subtle shine of cotton satin will make your pretty napkins or throw pillows even prettier. 

Cotton satin will allow you to create unique everyday clothing or those made for bigger events. This breathable textile can be used in a ton of different ways, from classy and elegant garments to a variety of home decor applications.



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