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Have you been wondering if your free-time sewing could become a full-time job? You’ve been receiving tons of commissions from your family and friends? Both hand-sewing and machine sewing are a great opportunity to create unique products for everyday use or for decorative purposes. When you plan on setting up your own sewing business you have to properly prepare for it. Our free ebook will help you with the very beginning of your career. 

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From our ebook, you will find out what are the most popular sewing businesses, which will help you make the decision on what you’d like to focus and what products should you introduce. Are you wondering what can happen and what common challenges can arise in your first weeks or months? In our free ebook, we list all the issues you can encounter and how to overcome them. 

Read about the beginnings of sewing business owners. Find out what were the biggest challenges they had to face in making children accessories as well as fashion accessories. 

Download our ebook for free, start your own sewing business and change your career path. 

download free ebook

Our ebook was made in collaboration with brands Rozmaryn.art and Thin Line.


Content writer, amateur photographer, sewist after work.

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