Plant Forever Forests with us!

Let’s make our planet greener! With the Forever Forests foundation we are planting biodiverse forests to combat climate change. Your each order equals 1m2 of forests that we will plant together to restore the biological balance of the Earth. 

The Forever Forests foundation plants forests with care for their future. Forever forests are planted on lands that will forever remain a forest area. The lands are secured both legally and financially so neither trees can be cut nor the lands sold. The trees and bushes are chosen carefully to best suit the local conditions considering the dynamic climate changes. 

We all are deeply connected to nature and we try to increase our ecological awareness. We feel a special bond with forests and nature. So we’ve decided to join our efforts and give nature the possibility of free development on the Forever Forests lands. We could say we are giving nature back the space so she can be wild and become stable which is of the highest importance when the environmental catastrophe is looming over us. – Anna Derda, Forever Forests

How does Forever Forests work? 

The foundation plants forests on lands that are secured both formally and financially. That way planted forests cannot be cut down or sold. In addition, the types of bushes and trees are carefully selected to best suit the local conditions with consideration of the future climate changes. Planting trees is a simple way to combat climate change. That is why for every order you place we will plant 1m2 of forest with help of the Forever Forests foundation. 

When it comes to planting the trees you have to think about the future – we already know that changes in climate will influence the changes in the structure of the forests. We need deciduous forests that are suitable for a particular environment. Forests that will be left to nature, from which we won’t be harvesting wood, as such forests can stabilize the climate. Our foundation plants forests like that. Our forests can also be a chance to protect the biodiversity, to preserve rare and valuable species that are slowly dying off due to intensive forest management. But it does not mean that actions listed will be enough to stop climate change entirely. We have to reduce our greenhouse gasses emission first. – Anna Derda, Forever Forests

An investment in greener future

Forests Forever foundation has so far planted over 189 thousands m2 of forests and are planning to plant over 263 thousands m2 of forests in the next 12 months. The foundation plants a vast variety of trees and bushes. That way the forest can fully transform and grow by itself naturally. 

Forever Forests start to grow naturally from the moment we plant them, as we are not trying to influence them in any shape or form. You could say that the forest becomes its own thing the moment we are well over the horizon. But if you want to know when a forest becomes a mature one we usually say it happens in about 80-100 years. This is the moment when the forest is growing wild and all the organisms work around and with each other. – Anna Derda, Forever Forests

Our natural environment is important to us. We are doing whatever we can to reduce our negative influence on our planet. We want to actively prevent climate changes and with the Forever Forests foundation we can do it more efficiently. 

With the Forever Forests foundation we are giving a chance to work with nature to both people and companies – the more people we have, the more efficiently we can work. And we will all benefit from it: nature, people, animals, plants and a plethora of other creatures. We like to call our work “A gift to the future generations” since it will be them who will witness the biodiversity of our Forever Forests and their natural transformations. – Anna Derda, Forever Forests


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