GOTS certification – which materials are subject to certification?

GOTS-certified fabrics must consist of at least 70% natural, organic fibres. There are two categories of products that can be GOTS certified. The Organic certificate is reserved for products that consist of at least 95% certified organic fibres. Made with (x%) organic, which is the second category of certification, allows products that consist of 70% organic fibres at the minimum, with a maximum of 10% synthetic fibres allowed in the composition of such a product.

In the case of sportswear, socks or leggings, synthetic fibres can amount to up to 25% of the composition of the product. GOTS-certified fibres must be of natural origin, and their cultivation has to be ecologically sustainable. What is more, the products should not contain fabrics produced by genetically modified organisms.

GOTS certification can be issued for fibres, woven and knitted fabrics, home textiles, clothing and various other finished textile products.

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