Why do you focus on sustainability?

At CottonBee, we are well aware that the demand for more and more ecological methods of producing clothing, accessories and interior decoration is constantly growing. We know that short production cycles, the ability to quickly launch collections and products, flexibility or the ease of carrying out creative projects – all with the utmost respect for the environment – are increasingly vital to you.

We understand that the future of fashion and the home decor industry lies in customisation and tailor-made production – and that is what we are for! We want to give you the opportunity to customise your fabrics, but also increase your production capacity in an eco-friendly way.

We also know everything about printing, and we know the direction that the fabric printing market is headed for. We know that digital printing is increasingly supplanting non-ecological analogue printing (screen printing) and which digital printing method is the most environmentally-friendly one. We know, and that is why we use it at CottonBee. It is digital printing with pigment inks.

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