How to use fabrics with alcohol prints?

Finding the perfect brand identification gadget is often not an easy task. In order to choose the best-suited items for colleagues or friends, it is worth considering what the recipient likes to do most, what they do on a daily basis or what distinguishes the company’s operations. For lovers of strong drinks, parties and good fun, original fabrics with alcohol prints have been created.

Thanks to such fabric, you can create completely unique gadgets. You can easily sew, among others: a funny shopping bag, a T-shirt, a kitchen apron, a mask, a pencil case, a cosmetic bag, and even a tablecloth perfect for summer grilling. These types of accessories enriched with colourful alcohol print will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of loved ones. It is also a great proposition for people with a great sense of humour and distance to themselves. So if you don’t have a gift idea for a beer lover you know, choose one of the proposed designs for beer, wine or multicoloured drinks.

Fabric with a pattern with alcohols – a gift idea for a bartender

Among their friends, more than one person will surely find a bartender, waiter, sommelier or brewer. The brand’s birthday is a perfect occasion to give all employees a gift and surprise them with a gadget with a motif referring to their profession. In this case, it is worth reaching for the original, high-quality material. Beer, wine, whiskey, rum or sweet drinks are just a few of all that will look great on a hand-made t-shirt, mask or apron.

A bag with an alcohol print is a perfect, practical gift for a bartender or bartender.

A bag with an alcohol print is a perfect, practical gift for a bartender or bartender. These types of accessories work best – they combine an original look and a fun print with functionality that works well in everyday life. The wide assortment includes a variety of patterns with rich colours. You can easily choose the perfect fabric that will appeal to your loved ones.

A model for beer and wine – for gourmets and connoisseurs

Good wine, beer and colourful drinks are not only the domain of professional bartenders, sommeliers or waiters. A fabric with this type of pattern is also a perfect gift for enthusiasts of good drinks or the history of brewing. The alcohol-based fabric can be used to sew special gadgets, for example, a bag or an elegant bottle cover. Each of the offered materials is extremely pleasant to touch. An additional advantage is that they do not irritate the skin, and are easy to keep clean.

The variety of remarkable designs in the presented collection gives you a great deal of scope for creating unique gifts for your loved ones. The fabric printed with wine, beer or whiskey will surely surprise every gourmet and connoisseur of good alcohols. Explore the rich assortment and choose a high-quality fabric with a fun pattern.


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