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The 21st century created a need in our society to work faster and harder. Such hustle can make you want to slow down, find some peace and balance in your life. When that moment comes it’s advised to take care both for yourself and your environment. An easy trick to do so is to incorporate Scandinavian print fabric into your interior. Norwegian and Swedish motifs are typically quite simplistic, muted in color, and inspired by nature. The citizens of those regions are considered to be one of the happiest people on the globe, so it is worth looking a bit closer at their life and style. Maybe creating a similar atmosphere in your own space will help you find the desired balance. 

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Invite scandinavian print fabric into your wardrobe

Scandinavian countries are a bit colder and harsher in climate, which makes the wardrobe of a typical Norwegian or Swede completely different from the wardrobe of a typical European. Wardrobes of the northern European citizens are full of thick, wool sweaters and sweatshirts, that are usually adorned with a Scandinavian print. The print has an easily distinguishable look inspired by snow, mountains, and cold weather. For many Norwegians and Swedes, their garments have a more sporty look and have to provide sufficient protection against the cold. But Scandinavian prints are becoming more popular by the day. These prints are appearing on coats, jackets and bags. Fashion designers and trendsetters do say you can create both elegant and everyday outfits using Scandinavian prints. 

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Scandinavian prints as a leitmotif in interior decorating

The general style of the northern Baltic countries brings to mind austerity, natural materials and colors, and everpresent simplicity. It’s hard to expect the plethora of colors and vibrant details, but you can easily see there isn’t a one and only Scandinavian print. A huge interest in this esthetic resulted in the creation of varying styles and types of prints that represent all the qualities of Scandinavia. The gustavian style is a classic in the purest form, so pure, light colors and industrial furniture. On the other hand, there’s folk, where you can spot more vibrant colors, giving the items a more rustic and unique look. Scandinavian prints will work on accessories that make interiors cozier, such as curtains, pillows, duvet covers, and blankets. Last but not least, these motifs are not overpowering, as the simplicity and austerity give the interior a much-needed lightness. The most recent styles are incorporating a bold accent, such as a vibrant green or blue wall or sparkly accessories. That way the natural and ascetic looks are topped with a modern and shiny twist.

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