Zero waste accessories you can make at home!

Handmade accessories are gaining more and more popularity every day. People are looking for ways to reuse materials and items to live more ecologically and save the planet from all the pollution. Such behaviour fits perfectly with the zero waste trend, the main goal of which is to move away from consumerism. Moreover, this approach also means manufacturing new products from previously used materials.

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Zero waste accessories can be great in the kitchen!

How to use the available resources to comply with the zero waste principles? It is enough to replace disposable accessories and accessories necessary in everyday life with those made of various types of environmentally friendly materials. Shopping bags, protective masks or cling film – you can easily make zero waste alternatives at home.

Reusable cotton pads made of loopback jersey fabric – face care in the spirit of zero waste

Reusable cosmetic swabs, apart from the material from which they were made, do not differ from classic pads. They are used for the same purpose as the traditional ones – for removing make-up, removing masks, washing ears or applying ointments. In addition, they are very delicate, so you can use them for all skin types.

A loopback jersey is perfect for creating zero waste swabs. One side is soft and smooth and will work perfectly for sensitive skin, and the wrong side with the loops provides a gentle exfoliating experience. what’s even better, the fabric is durable and won’t deform, even with daily use, so this zero-waste alternative will serve you well for a long time.

Go for zero waste accessories in your daily care!

Zero waste accessories are not only practical but also economical. Thanks to the reusable cotton swabs, you will save money that you would have to spend on the purchase of another disposable cosmetic pad, closed in a plastic package. They also reduce the amount of waste generated, as statistically around 730 pieces of make-up removal pads are used per person per year.

Cotton shopping bags, i.e. how to fight plastic in stores

Cotton bags are a lifesaver when shopping. More and more people consciously give up plastic bags in favour of a more ecological version. But cotton tote bags are not only a practical accessory every environmentally-conscious person should have – they work perfectly with every casual outfit, especially during spring or summer.

Cotton fabrics will be fantastic to make shopping bags. Such materials are very durable and resistant to damage, so they last longer than ordinary plastic bags. What’s more, cotton will not tear under the strong pressure of heavy products or if you catch it on sharp edges of furniture. In addition, you can also print patterns on it, dye it in all the colours of the rainbow and personalize it with pins and patches.

Scrunchie – the return of a fabric hair band

Scrunchies are a classic hair accessory that ruled in the 90s. At that time, they were worn typically with high ponytails with heavily styled fringe. Now they are back and play a major role in many women’s hairstyles. They are used as a finishing touch on a pony, bun or even a braid. What’s more, they are also an interesting decoration of the wrist.

In addition, rag hair cloths are zero waste accessories that you can successfully make yourself. To prepare them, all you need to do is use an elastic band and a scrap of any fabric or knitted fabric. The only criterion that the fabric should meet is the susceptibility to wrinkling – single jersey or a thin fabric, such as voile, will be perfect for this purpose. Contemporary scrunchies, as the name suggests, are to be crumpled to resemble those popular at the end of the 20th century.

Be eco friendly and choose accessories that are sustainable!

Scrunchies are a perfect complement to any styling – made of satin will be perfect for an evening out, and the one made of colourful fabric will complete your everyday outfit. In addition, fabric elastics are a safe accessory for your hair – thanks to their delicacy, they do not damage them or cause dents, so you can successfully wear them at night or during training.

Beeswax wraps – a a new dimension of food storage

A wax maker is a piece of cotton cloth soaked in a special mixture of beeswax. It is a 100% natural, reusable packaging that can easily replace cling film, aluminium foil or disposable food containers. What’s more, it also has antibacterial properties, thanks to which stored food stays fresh for much longer.

Can you make them yourself at home? Of course – you just need to cut a suitable piece of cotton fabric, put it on a baking sheet, sprinkle it with beeswax, and then cover it with another layer of fabric. Press the whole thing together and enjoy the new way of storing food, which not only guarantees a long expiry date but also protects against moisture.


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