How much does fabric printing cost at CottonBee?

You can print 20 cm x 20 cm fabric samples for as little as 2,49 €, and order 48 cm x 48 cm swatches for 4,99 €. The price of samples and swatches remains the same for all woven and knitted fabrics in our offer.

At CottonBee, the price of a running metre starts at 16,90 €. We do not beat around the bush, that is why the prices cover the selected amount of fabric with printing costs included. You will not pay extra for additional colours or setting the machine to a specific pattern.

The exact prices of all our fabrics can be found in our price list. Remember, however, that the price per running metre of the fabric is the initial value – for orders over 10 running metres, we have attractive bulk discounts (over 10 running metres – 10% discount, 20 running metres – 20% discount, over 30 running metres – 25% discount, and over 40 running metres – 30% discount). All orders over 50 running metres are quoted individually.

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