What fabrics will be best for my projects?

Organic fabrics:

Organic satin, with a grammage of 140 g/m2, is a cotton fabric with a satin weave that gives it a subtle gloss. It is a sensational and highly versatile fabric. You can use it to sew bed linen, decorative pillows or light curtains, as well as elegant blouses, shirts or formal dresses. Organic cotton is the ecological alternative – you help reduce water consumption in the textile industry by sewing with organic fabrics.

You can use an organic single jersey with a grammage of 200 g/m2 for any project that originally used a conventional cotton single jersey. Organic cotton is an excellent choice if you care for the environment and want to minimise your harmful impact on nature. It is a cotton knit that is pleasant to the touch. The addition of spandex gives it wonderful stretchability, so it is suitable for both straight-cut and fitted-cut t-shirts.

An organic loopback jersey with a grammage of 250 g/m2 is a light and soft knit for sweatshirts and warmer leggings. It is comfortable, airy and will be perfect for everyday wear or light sports sweatshirts. Organic cotton loopback jersey is a sensational choice for those who want to care for the environment – organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals, significantly reduces water consumption and generates significantly less pollution.

Woven and knitted cotton fabrics:

Woven and knitted cotton fabrics can be successfully utilised for a variety of sewing projects. Our fabrics have a wide range of applications, from clothing, through accessories, to a variety of interior design elements.

Cretonne and satin are really universal fabrics. They are perfect for sewing shirts, dresses or skirts, but you can also use them to sew tablecloths, bed linen or shopping bags.

Voile is an airy and transparent fabric, excellent for curtains with a pattern or as an extra layer in a dress or skirt. Printed voile applied to a uniform lining fabric will allow you to create a unique piece of clothing.

Gabardine and panama are great picks for curtains, decorative cushions or furniture covers. They require dry-cleaning, so they are perfect for sewing decorative elements that you do not have to wash often.

Cotton interlock is a sensational knitted fabric for children’s bodysuits. It is soft, airy and just as pleasant on both sides. Interlock is a 100% cotton knitted fabric with a grammage of 160 g/m2, which you can also use to create underwear, pyjamas, etc.

You can print your design on three different types of jersey. Cotton single jersey fabric with a grammage of 180 g/m2 is ideal for children’s clothes and everyone with sensitive skin. The natural fabric without the admixture of artificial fibres will not be allergenic and can be used in children’s clothing with confidence.

The addition of Lycra in knitted fabrics increases their elasticity and additionally stabilises the fabric. Thanks to the synthetic fibres, natural knitted fabrics retain their shape and stretchability for much longer, and with mixtures characterised by a low percentage of artificial fibres, they do not lose all the advantages of natural fibre fabrics. Single jerseys of 200g/m2 and 230g/m2 grammage with 8% Lycra content will be great for light sportswear, various leggings, elastic t-shirts, shorts, etc.

Loopback jersey is a fantastic fabric for all types of jumpers, sweatsuit sets or dresses. In autumn and winter, it will prove itself as an element of the layered clothing – it is an airy knit, so you will not sweat too much. In spring or summer, it will be an incredible addition for a cool evening – they will provide warmth without restricting the airflow.

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