What technology do you print with?

All of our cotton fabrics are printed digitally using pigmented inks.

This printing technology is considered to be the least invasive for the environment and completely safe for people. The devices on which we print can be compared to large-size inkjet printers. On such a printer, we put a bolt of white cotton fabric (we print on both woven and knitted fabrics). Then we send the design to the device, and the head applies the pigmented inks on the surface of the fabric. The pigmented inks we use in our printing house comply with the requirements of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (class I and II) and GOTS 5.0 certificates. The finished printout is fixed with high temperature. We do not use water in the printing process. Unlike other technologies of printing on textiles, we do not use any chemicals or other fixatives.

The printing technology we use has nothing in common with solvent inks or other aggressive solvent dyes that are popular in the advertising industry. We print our polyester fabrics using sublimation printing. 

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