Ancient patterns – inspired by ancient Greece and classicism

Ancient Greece left us plenty of archetypes and patterns that are still used in various fields, as well as culture. The cradle of the first civilisation to be as advanced is not only a period of breakthrough discoveries but also the origin of entirely new aesthetics, which are visible in different trends today.

Ancient patterns available for printing at

Patterns inspired by ancient Greece have long been present not only on the catwalks but also in the latest interior design trends. We offer a variety of materials which refer to the Greek roots in their style. They can be used not only as sewing fabrics for clothes but also as materials to create a stylish interior.

Antique designs in your wardrobe

Greek touches, as well as airy cuts, are present on fashion catwalks every summer. One of the most popular shows was Chanel’s “The Modernity of Antiquity”, which in its aesthetics referred to the style of ancient Greeks. Wide, smooth fabrics fastened in a practical manner and with finesse were combined with contemporary cuts. Nonetheless, the Greek-style accessories settled in stylish combinations for good. Headbands, wide bracelets and sandals with latchets are accessories that will surely add originality to any outfit.

Ancient patterns available for printing at

Hence, we present subdued patterns with an ancient Greek motif. Delicate regular patterns, which refer to the ancient regularity, are a perfect choice to create an airy Greek-style dress. They will also work great as a sewing fabric for accessories and look great as interesting hairbands or even original jewellery.

Greek-style interior design

Rooms arranged in Greek style bring to mind holidays, greenery and blue sea. Steps, arches, bays and entresols dominate such interiors. Wood, linen and stone are the finishing materials of Greek-style interiors. Fabrics with ancient patterns will perfectly suit stylish accessories, such as linen bedspreads, chair finishes or tray cloths. Offered fabrics will allow you to sew cases for decorative living room pillows or duvet covers for the bedroom.

Ancient patterns available for printing at

Regular patterns, present on the fundamental elements of past interior decoration – vases and dishes, present the daily activities of the Greeks. Plants and flowers of that part of the world are another motifs seen in this kind of arrangements. The subdued, pastel green of olive branches makes the interiors look simple and artfully, but also very luxurious. Fabrics available in our offer are also an excellent pick to create unique curtains or tablecloths. Curtains in this style will flawlessly complement the Greek-style living room, whereas tablecloths will let you achieve the effect of a spacious and bright kitchen.


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