Will the colours look the same on all fabrics?

Our printer is properly profiled for each type of fabric on which we print. We make every effort to achieve the best possible colour reproduction on every fabric from our offer.

Due to the unique structure of each fabric, you may have the impression that the colours printed on satin are more saturated than those on the knitwear. Cotton satin provides a perfectly smooth printing surface, while the delicate hair-covered structure of other woven or knitted fabrics can make the print appear lighter. Even when printing the exact same pattern on two different types of jerseys you can spot some differences in the shades of colours printed. 

The way the colours look on a certain fabric is also dependent on the production process of the textiles itself. Jersey order in December of last year can vary slightly from jersey produced last week. Even the slightest difference can influence the way the colours and shades will look on the fabric so even while reprinting your design on the exact same fabric you can sometimes spot some changes.

Do you want to make sure that you achieve a satisfying end result? Order 20 cm x 20 cm samples with your print or 48 cm x 48 cm swatches, on which you will carefully check how the graphics look on the woven or knitted fabrics.

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