Halloween patterns – that is, how to be glamorous

October 31st is a date beloved by children. An evening full of tricks, treats and good fun undoubtedly goes hand in hand with the word: “Halloween”. However, it is difficult to imagine this magical day without prior preparations. Hollowed out pumpkins, cobwebs and witch hats herald the arrival of this American holiday. Proper decorations effectively create an atmosphere of horror, and street garlands and lanterns ensure that during this day of the year, cities achieve a unique character. Choosing the right sewing fabrics is a guarantee of successful Halloween decorations in the apartment.

halloween printed sewing fabrics
Patterns available on ctnbee.com.

Monsters (not only) in the wardrobe

Skeletons, bats and strange potions – Halloween patterns definitely are not boring. The variety of themes stimulates the imagination and lets you use Halloween fabrics at home without any limits. Children will certainly appreciate a blanket decorated with spooky creatures, and a pillow with the image of Frankenstein is, aside from paying tribute to English literature, an excellent idea for unique accessories in the children’s room. Curtains with candy patterns can be utilised all year round, regardless of the occasion.

sewing fabric with ghost and bat print
Pattern available on ctnbee.com.
striped sewing fabric with ghosts, pumpkins, cats and sweets
Pattern available on ctnbee.com.

Halloween knitted fabrics will also prove to be original textiles for sewing clothes for the October party! A bat dress will look stunning in a smoky bar, as will a jacket with the skull pattern. The black cat pattern will appeal to all lovers of those demanding animals, who do not necessarily identify the image of a cat crossing the road with bad luck.

sugarskulls pattern on printed fabric
Pattern available on ctnbee.com.

A way to have a good evening

pumpkin and stripes printed fabric
Pattern available on ctnbee.com.

Fabrics with Halloween patterns are a solution which also provides entertainment, not only for children. Unconventional themes can be used when arranging the apartment and piecing the wardrobe together for special occasions. Original designs at ctnbee.com are undoubtedly fun and available at a price that is not scary!

sewing fabric with haunted houses print
Pattern available on ctnbee.com.


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