Why organic cotton clothing is worth it?

Organic cotton clothing is not only very comfy to wear, but also safe for the environment. Organic cotton is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fibre – the production process of regular cotton can be a bit taxing on the natural environment. Although organic cotton clothing is usually more expensive than garments made from conventional cotton, they are a crucial part of the wardrobe of anyone who looks for comfort and sustainability. 

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Organic cotton is very much in line with the sustainable production trend that’s becoming more and more popular with every passing year. Organic cotton clothing is, of course, the eco alternative to garments made from conventional cotton. Cotton is one of the most popular fibres in the textile industry. For years praised for the versatility and breathability that still cannot be beaten. But to produce one kilogram of conventional cotton about 20 thousand litres of water is used. Organic cotton, which is in 80% watered with rainwater, can significantly decrease the level of water consumption in the textile industry. 

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Natural and comfy

The result of organic cotton crops is a fabric that is 100% natural and produced without the use of any chemical substances, such as pesticides or insecticides. That way you always have the guarantee the fabric will not cause any irritation or allergies. Organic cotton clothing is as soft and as breezy as the ones made out of conventional cotton. Organic cotton clothing will work great not just in an eco-friendly wardrobe. You can choose organic for any application that is catered to kids. It’s a fully natural, breathable and free from any chemical substances fabric that will be just perfect for sensitive skin. 

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Is organic cotton clothing hard to sew?

Sewing organic cotton is just as simple and pleasant as working with textiles made out of conventional cotton. Woven fabrics are easy to cut and the plain weave can help you cut straight lines. While sewing organic cotton jersey, you can apply all the experience and knowledge you have in regards to sewing cotton jersey. Change the needle to ballpoint so as not to disrupt the structure of the fabric. If you’re sewing a garment that has to remain stretchy don’t forget to use stretch stitches, you can even try elastic thread for seams that will be stretched a lot. 

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Don’t forget to wash your fabric before sewing! Natural fibre jersey fabrics can shrink in the first wash, so if you don’t want to end up with too small of a garment, make sure to pre-shrink it either by washing or steaming it. If you’re using an iron to pre-shrink your fabric, remember to iron it on the wrong, unprinted side.

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