How quickly do you ship?

We try to send the fabrics within a maximum of 3-5 working days from the moment of taking the order – we keep this deadline for 99% of transactions. Delivery times may be extended for orders of polyester and silk fabrics. When you place an order, even before you add anything to the shopping cart, you will be informed on the website when we will send you the fabric at the latest.

Your order will be given the status of “accepted for processing” after the payment to our account has been posted and the file sent is verified correctly. This usually takes no longer than one working day from the moment of placing the order. File verification does not apply to orders of samples from our catalogue. You will be informed about the change in your order status via e-mail.

We make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible, but please, remember that each fabric is a custom order. Many factors may disturb or prolong the technological process (for example, a malfunction). Therefore, in special cases, the lead time may be extended. We inform our customers about possible problems as soon as possible.

Are you already working with us and urgently need to print your order? Contact us, and we will do our best to speed up your order processing time.

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