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Asterisk Basic sewing techniques – review
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You’re trying to give sewing with a machine a whirl, but you have no clue how to start? Or maybe you think that sewing is a complicated craft reserved exclusively for professionals? Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern technologies used in machines make sewing possible for everyone. For starters, it is worth to acquire appropriate accessories and fabrics and master basic sewing techniques.

popular machine stitches

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Asterisk Peacock feather fabrics – a reason to be proud
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Peacock feathers are associated primarily with elegance, dignity and magnificent colouration. Using fabrics with this motif, you will introduce original, elegant additions to your home. Woven and knitted fabrics decorated with feathers of these birds will provide an exciting contrast in rooms where bright colours prevail. In our collection, you will find fabrics in various colours, which will surely match your expectations.

the peacock feather fabrics
The pattern is available in ctnbee.com.
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Asterisk How to choose a sewing machine for beginners?
07/08/2019 Ania z CottonBee in Tutorials / No comments

Starting your sewing adventure doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Initially, even an old sewing machine borrowed from auntie is enough to test your skills. Though, if you dream of a long and professional career in sewing, it is worth investing in high-quality reliable equipment. The process of choosing a sewing machine for beginners is associated primarily with learning the basic functions of the machine as well as determining your expectations and budget. 

In the beginning, a mechanical sewing machine with basic functions and stitching programs will do just fine. It is not worth starting your work using more difficult machines with advanced software, which you will not even use. However, before you decide which starter sewing machine will be suitable for you, you should get to know some important tips that will facilitate your work in the future.

sewing machine - how to choose

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