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Printing illlustrations on fabric – Ania’s Simeone guest post

01/02/2018 Ania z CottonBee in DIY inspirations / one comment

Say hello to our „Guest post” section – this is your special place here! We want to introduce to you our first guest post, including Ania’s Simeone special story about fabric printing with illlustrations, with a little help of the bees 🙂 Happy reading! 

Printing illlustrations on fabric

I’m Ania Simeone and I work as a children’s book illustrator. I’m going to tell you about my project that I carried out together with CottonBee at the end of 2017 – as you will see, that was the Christmas project.

Advent calendar project

24 characters – animals wearing jumpers, little and bigger girls, cheerful beardies, plucky ladies – for 24 Advent days. Each of these Photoshop illustrations printed on cotton satin was turned into a soft decoration – a gift for my daughter, as it was her Advent calendar, as well as family and friends.

Printing illlustrations on fabric

Printing illustration on fabric – expectations and reality

Why illustration on fabric? Because it was easy and fast to print the project in CottonBee. When I printed my works on fabric for the first time, I was afraid that the final effect would be different than the original. The illustartions are full of details, a particular colour range and shades, different textures and patterns; consequently, the risk that something would go wrong was considerable. Yet, when I opened the box with the fabric that arrived two days after placing an order, it turned out everything was exactly as I saw it on my computer screen! A very exciting moment…then sewing desk changed into a small laboratory.

Printing illlustrations on fabric

Printing illlustrations on fabric

Future plans

I’m certainly willing to carry out more experiments with print on woven fabrics and I’m planning a collection of fabric designs.

Printing illlustrations on fabric

Do you like Ann Simeone’s works? Leave a comment! Make sure to visit her portfolio and Instagram – it’s so cool! 

And if you willing to be a star of our next Guest post, you are very welcome! Visit our Contact page and drop us a line about yourself. We would love to hear from you! 🙂 


One comment on “Printing illlustrations on fabric – Ania’s Simeone guest post

  1. So nice Illustrations and It’s a great idea that these should be printing on fabrics. I wish this should be printed on my white T- Shirt

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