How do you care about the environment?

As CottonBee fabric printing house, we take a series of measures to implement ethical conduct within the framework of sustainability, including:

– We use modern technology of printing using pigmented inks, thanks to which we significantly reduce the consumption of water, electricity and chemicals – it is the most ecological printing method among those available on the market.

– We start production only when you place an order – we print only as much as you need and not an inch more. We also do not print anything for stock.

– We print with ecological inks and environmentally friendly fabrics.

– We make every effort to make our supply chain short, sustainable and ethical. We obtain fabrics only from countries of the European Union, and all production takes place in our factory in Poland.

– When packing textiles for shipment, we try to minimise the use of plastics and strive to use biodegradable materials.

– Since we save paper, we limit printing it to a minimum. For this reason, we send invoices via e-mail, and we print them only when requested.

– We try to follow the principles of “reduce, reuse, recycle” wherever possible, for example, we use energy-saving light bulbs, return batteries and used equipment, use ecological cleaning products and segregate waste.

– We do not throw away leftover fabric! We give the leftovers to artistic and toy studios, as well as individual creators.

– We maintain a low carbon footprint – we ensure our supply chain is short, and all production takes place in our Polish headquarters – it is here where we print, finish and refine fabrics.

– We are constantly looking for ways to take care of the environment more and more effectively: we shorten the supply chain, improve our own production processes, minimise waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and obtain new environmentally-friendly fabrics.

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