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Printed upholstery fabric

Printed upholstery fabrics

The upholstery fabrics with the digital print is an excellent choice when you want to refresh the decor of your home or an office! Watch our proposals of the cotton fabrics ideal for the upholstery of sofas, armchairs, chairs and all other upholstered furniture!

Our printed upholstery fabrics is the indefinite possibilities when it comes to the patterns - upload your own or choose one from the patterns catalogue. All the fabrics we print are natural, airy and pleasant to the touch. The ones we recommend as the furniture upholstery are characterised with high grammage - they are successfully used as the upholstery fabrics. Remember to only dry-clean them and you will enjoy the print for a long time.

Dig the inspirations of the printed upholstery fabrics

Check how we and our customers used the custom fabrics with the upholstered furniture. Change your upholstered furniture with a little help from the bees!

Printed upholstery fabrics

There are a lot of available upholstery fabrics on the market, however, their characteristic feature is the repetitive patterns and the limited selection. Our unique patterns are printed on some durable and thick cotton fabrics, like gabardine and cotton linen. They are not the traditional upholstery fabrics but many of our customers use them successfully as their furniture upholstery. Our fabrics are not waterproof nor fire-resistant but they are characterised by high grammage and the possibility of printing any pattern on them. It is worth considering changing the traditional upholstery fabrics to the unique ones with print!

classy armchair upholstered with printed fabric

What upholstery fabric with print will be the best?

The upholstery fabrics with print are more and more popular and offer an interesting alternative for smooth and simple upholstery. They can change the outlook of any piece of furniture. The fabrics used for furniture upholstery need to be durable and strong and also resistant to UV and wearing off. Gabardine and linen-like cotton linen on which we print the patterns are thick, cotton. Canvas is characterised with a distinctive weave imitating cotton linen and gabardine is a tightly woven, elegant fabric. Despite not being the traditional upholstery fabrics, they are pretty popular due to the fact that you can print whatever you wish on them or use the catalogue available on our website. So that they can serve as long as possible, the fabrics need to be dry-cleaned.

Your unique pattern

armchair with printed cotton upholstery

We offer printing the unique patterns on fabrics like gabardine or cotton linen which make your furniture become one of a kind. If you wish to arrange your home in an extraordinary manner, it is worth choosing the upholstery fabric with print. You can create your original and dreamed-of pattern which will not be available at any furniture shop. If you are fed up with all-the-same and boring upholstery, this option is ideal for you. Thanks to our creator you can print all your ideas since you are limited only by your imagination. The patterned upholstery fabrics will let you create the unique furniture and arrange your home the way you wish to.

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