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Custom Printed Poplin 120 gsm

100% cotton

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Precious and elegant, poplin is the ideal fabric for creating beautiful dresses and shirts. Its linen weave will give a charming and unique look to bedding, curtains and other interior decorations.


  • Maximum printable area: 147 cm
  • Grammage: 120 g/m2
  • Estimated shrinkage after first wash: approx. -3% in length and -3% in width

Print technology

We print the poplin digitally using the highest quality water-based pigments . We fix the finished print with warm air, without the use of chemicals. During the entire process, we do not use a single gram of water and generate minimal waste - a major distinction in the textile industry. All cotton materials we print on are OEKO-TEX certified .


Poplin is a noble and elegant fabric with a linen weave , ideal for stylish dresses, men's shirts or blouses . The fabric is also ideal for creating fine bed linen, curtains or bed canopies.

Care instructions

Poplin is recommended to be washed in the washing machine at less than 40 degrees Celsius . Garments made of this fabric are recommended to be washed on the left side to prolong their life . Set the spin cycle to max. 800 rpm. Just after washing, simply hang the fabric on the dryer. It is important not to dry it in the sun . More information about taking care of our fabrics can be found here.

We are eco!

We are eco!

Reduced water and energy consumption

We are eco!

We are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Class I) certified

We are eco!

CottonBee is a GOTS 6.0 certified company

Frequently asked questions

What is OEKO-TEX certificate?

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate attests to the quality of textile products that are intended for direct contact with the human skin. It is an internationally recognised and respected testing and certification system for raw materials, semi-finished and finished textile products at all levels of processing.

During the certification process, the product is inspected for the presence of 100 hazardous chemical substances that may endanger the health of consumers. The certification process examines whether products are free of formaldehydes, pesticides or common substances that may cause allergies. The OEKO-TEX certification covers fibres and textiles, as well as finished products.

In the latter case, all parts of the product are tested, including buttons, snaps, threads, etc. Today, more than 160,000 OEKO-TEX certificates were issued worldwide, making it one of the most widely recognised quality marks for textiles that have been tested for harmful textiles.

What are the characteristics of an OEKO-TEX certified fabric?

A fabric with the OEKO-TEX certificate is a guarantee that every component of the fabric is free of harmful chemicals. Every OEKO-TEX certified fabric goes through a rigorous testing process to assess whether it is suitable for contact with human skin.

To receive the OEKO-TEX certificate, the submitted fabric must be free of more than 100 chemical substances recognised as harmful to health. An OEKO-TEX fabric is safe for children, allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. Fabrics that have passed the certification process are suitable for everyday use and do not irritate or cause allergies. OEKO-TEX certified fabrics are divided into several classes that define their recommended use.

Class I products are safe for infants and children up to the age of 3, which means that they are suitable for the manufacture of clothing, bed linens and fabric toys. Class II products are suitable for direct contact with the skin, so these are mainly clothing, underwear, bed linen, etc. Classes III and IV are products that are not in direct contact with the skin – decorative articles such as drapes, curtains and shades.

What fabrics will be best for my projects?

Cretonne and satin are really universal fabrics. They are perfect for sewing shirts, dresses or skirts, but you can also use them to sew tablecloths, bed linen or shopping bags.

Voile is an airy and transparent fabric, excellent for curtains with a pattern or as an extra layer in a dress or skirt. Printed voile applied to a uniform lining fabric will allow you to create a unique piece of clothing.

Gabardine and panama are great picks for curtains, decorative cushions or furniture covers. They require dry-cleaning, so they are perfect for sewing decorative elements that you do not have to wash often.

Cotton interlock is a sensational knitted fabric for children’s bodysuits. It is soft, airy and just as pleasant on both sides. Interlock is a 100% cotton knitted fabric with a grammage of 160 g/m2, which you can also use to create underwear, pyjamas, etc.

You can print your design on three different types of jersey. Cotton single jersey fabric with a grammage of 180 g/m2 is ideal for children’s clothes and everyone with sensitive skin. The natural fabric without the admixture of artificial fibres will not be allergenic and can be used in children’s clothing with confidence.

The addition of Lycra in knitted fabrics increases their elasticity and additionally stabilises the fabric. Thanks to the synthetic fibres, natural knitted fabrics retain their shape and stretchability for much longer, and with mixtures characterised by a low percentage of artificial fibres, they do not lose all the advantages of natural fibre fabrics. Single jerseys of 200g/m2 and 230g/m2 grammage with 8% Lycra content will be great for light sportswear, various leggings, elastic t-shirts, shorts, etc.

Loopback jersey is a fantastic fabric for all types of jumpers, sweatsuit sets or dresses. In autumn and winter, it will prove itself as an element of the layered clothing – it is an airy knit, so you will not sweat too much. In spring or summer, it will be an incredible addition for a cool evening – they will provide warmth without restricting the airflow.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions
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