Fabrics for cushions with print

Fabrics for cushions with print

Decorative cushions are an important element of the decor - make them exceptional! The sewing fabrics printed on demand will guarantee the originality to your home interior as well as great mood! Match the cushions to your style and print the appropriate fabric. You can use the patterns from our catalogue or you can upload your own file. You can get down to the sewing machine!

On one hand, the fabrics for cushions with print are strong, fixed fabrics of high grammage. On the other hand, however, there are soft satin fabrics ideal to achieve the light effect of the soft cushion, i.e. to the bedroom. You decide!

Cotton fabrics for cushions with print

At CottonBee you can print some cotton fabrics with pattern which are perfect for sewing cushions. The cotton fabrics are extremely long-lasting and practical - they will help you sew some wonderful pillow-cases for cushions or pillows. You can create the overprint which will complete the decor of a sofa, a bed or your favourite armchair. On our website, you can find the catalogue with a huge variety of colourful patterns - big and small ones. While choosing the appropriate fabric, we have to consider the project's destination. Will they be decorative cushions or sleeping pillows?

cotton pillows made of cotton with print

What fabric for decorative cushions with print will be the most appropriate?

We print the patterns on the fabrics which are perfect for sewing the decorative cushions for a sofa or an armchair. Gabardine is a strong, cotton fabric. Cotton linen with linen-imitating weave is also perfect as a strong and lasting fabric for decorative cushions. Both fabrics provide cushions with durability - even used day-to-day, they do not wear out quickly. You can use both fabrics to sew the colourful pillow-cases applying the pattern designed by you. Our website also provides you with the ready flower, geometrical motives or some colourful flourishes. Decide what style you wish to apply to decorate your sofa. The possibility of printing your pattern on the fabric is an opportunity to decorate your home with unique style far different from the popular chain stores.

Bedroom pillows - what fabric to use to sew them?

custom pillow sewn with printed cotton fabric

It is worth making your sleep comfortable and sewing such pillows which will make it happen. Satin pillows to your bedroom are an ideal solution. It is a soft and flowy fabric perfect as the bedding fabric. As the pillow fabric, natural and breathable satin meets the decorative role in the bedroom and guarantees the sound sleep in pleasant surroundings. We offer printing patterns on satin which will let you create an original arrangement for your bedroom and pair the decorative design of the pillows with the interior. This fabric can be used both in the classical and more modern arrangements of the rooms.

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