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  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm
  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm
  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm
  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm
  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm
  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm
  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm
  • Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm

Custom Printed Lining Fabric Matte 55 gsm

100% polyester

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17.90 € / running metre

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Thin lining with a matte finish. Resistant to abrasion and easy to clean, perfect for finishing the inside of backpacks and bags, for linings of jackets, outerwear and coats.


  • Maximum printable area: 156 cm
  • Grammage: 55 gsm (+/- 5%)
  • Estimated shrinkage: up to 3-5% in length and up to 1-3% in width

Print technology

Dye-sublimation printed lining fabric. Sublimation is a print technology in which the design is first printed onto transfer paper and then transferred onto the fabric in a calendering machine. The dye penetrates deep into the structure of the textile which results in long-lasting, durable prints that do not change the feel of the fabric, which are additionally resistant to abrasion.


Smooth, delicate lining fabric with a matte finish. Printed fabric for linings will diversify the design of the handbag, decorate the inside of a jacket or coat. The polyester lining makes it easier to put on outerwear, the lining of the dress or skirt makes the clothes fit better on the figure.

Care instructions

Wash at a maximum temperature of 60°C, preferably using a synthetic washing program and do not bleach. Spin at high speed and tumble dry only on the lowest heat setting. Iron potential creases on the lowest heat setting or use a steamer. More information on how to care about CottonBee fabrics can be found here.

We are eco!

We are eco!

Reduced water and energy consumption

We are eco!

We are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Class I) certified

We are eco!

CottonBee is a GOTS 6.0 certified company

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of polyester fabrics?

Unlike cotton fabrics, polyester makes for woven and knitted fabrics with water-repellent properties. Polyester fabrics do not absorb water that collects on or underneath their surface. For this reason, polyester is a popular sports fabric. When you exercise, your clothes stay dry so they don't cool your body, although they can be very warm on summer days. Polyester clothes dry quickly after washing and are not very prone to creasing.

Polyester is also a fabric valued for its durability. Polyester knit fabrics are very resistant to deformation. Highly stretchy lycra or spandex for a swimsuit, as well as sport lycra, will keep its original shape for a long time and return to its original dimensions even after strong stretching. Polyester knitted fabrics with spandex fit perfectly to the body and do not restrict movement. They work great on the body, they are soft and pleasant to wear.

Among the fabrics made of polyester, you will find many fabrics with unique uses. Its water-repellent properties make polyester the base fibre of many waterproof materials. Waterproof fabrics made of polyester do not get wet even in prolonged rain, they can also protect against the wind.

What are the advantages of sublimation printing?

Sublimation is a technology of fabric printing that allows you to obtain durable, non-fading, non-flaking prints on woven and knit fabrics. It is an environmentally safe method of printing on fabrics, which uses water-based dyes, without solvents and other harmful chemicals. Dyes in the sublimation printing process penetrate the structure of the material, hence the prints obtained in this method cannot be felt on the surface of the textile, cannot be rubbed off, and when the knitted fabrics are stretched, the white base fibre does not appear. The prints created in the sublimation process are resistant to weather conditions - they will not fade in the sun or discolour in the rain. Even after repeated washing, drying and ironing, they look exactly the same as right after printing. Sublimation printing is possible on polyester substrates such as lycra, softshell, waterproof fabrics, spandex, and synthetic silk.

What can you make from polyester?

Polyester is the most popular choice for functional or sports clothing. Strong and stretchy knits with the addition of lycra or spandex will fit perfectly to the body, which is why they are usually chosen for swimwear, leggings, yoga clothes or cycling clothes. Polyester can be successfully used in the design of a dance costume, sports clothing or underwear, or an element of cosplay or Halloween costume. Waterproof fabrics will be perfect for outerwear, including various rainjackets, raincoats or a light rain poncho that you can easily fold and put into a backpack or bag.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions
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