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Fabric for children blankets

Fabrics for children blankets

Each child is unique and deserves some unique accessories. Printing fabric on demand and using it for sewing a customised children blanket you guarantee an amazing souvenir to the child!

Discover our digitally printed fabrics for children blankets - soft, nice to the touch, skin-friendly and hypoallergenic! They are also easy to maintain - you can take care of all of them by setting your washing machine on delicate programme. The fabrics we print on have the OEKO-TEX certificate - it means that they are free from hazardous substances. Ideal for children!

Fabrics for children blankets

Children are exceptionally delicate souls. What they deserve is a delicate, soft blanket which will keep them warm while they are sleeping and at the same time look fabulous. CottonBee offers a lot of options of fabrics for children blankets. You are bound to find something for your child!

cotton knitted blanked for kids with print

What fabrics for sewing children blankets are the best?

Needless to say, the unmatched fabric for sewing the children blankets is cotton interlock (100% cotton.) The fabric edges do not ride up, additionally there is a double weave applied (which means that both on the right and left sides it is equally soft.) Interlock is a tactile, well-laid fabric. It is ideal not only for blankets but also bodysuits, pyjamas, and many others. What is characteristic of a cotton interlock is its dimension change after the first washing (from -5% to -6% in length and from -5% to -6% in width.) Another natural material ideal for sewing children blankets is cotton single jersey (100% cotton.) It is a light and breathable fabric, shirting fabric made out of natural fibres. Perfect fabric for making summer clothes. A specific property of this product is its dimension change after the first washing: from -5% to -6% in length and from-4% to -5% in width. Another fabric for sewing children blankets is single jersey with the addition of Lycra (92% cotton, 8% Lycra.) The addition of a synthetic fibre makes the fabric flexible and at the same time resistant to stretching, which is its additional advantage. The fabric is also excellent for sports clothing, leggings and dresses. Its characteristic feature is that it can change its dimensions after the first washing: from -5% to -6% in length and -0,5% in width.

Why CottonBee?

custom baby blanket made of printed cotton

Your child is one of a kind and deserves an equally exceptional blanket which will be made of top quality fabrics with a unique pattern. Only CottonBee applies such innovative rules - you can select any pattern and have it printed on a selected fabric. Your order is realised immediately and you can adjust the dimension of fabric to your needs.

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