Digital printing on cotton linen

We print on cotton linen - a thick fabric with a weave imitating natural linen and grammage of 230g/m2.

Cotton linen with an individual design is perfect for sewing home decor, bags, backpacks, accessories and many more!
CottonBee linen is a cotton fabric with a distinct weave similar to natural linen. It is 100% cotton, so it proves to be airy, natural and skin friendly.

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Printing on cotton linen digitally
Color guide printed on cotton linen

Color guide on cotton linen

We print digitally on fabric - printed colours may vary between fabrics. To make sure what colours from CMYK palette use in your design, print a color guide on chosen fabric!

Order color guide on cotton linen and check what colours to use in your project!

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No minimum order

We print on demand, so we can print just a piece of your fabric!

Customer friendly company

Use our user-friendly creator to design your fabric or just call us

Vivid colours and great fastness

We use highest quality water-based, eco-friendly pigment inks

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If you are:

  • a textile company
  • an independent fashion designer
  • an architect

or you need lots of sewing fabric for any reason – ask for an individual offer.

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Linen fabric - printing on demand

Our cotton linen-like fabric is a thick material in a pronounced linen weave texture. Despite being 100% cotton, it is referred to as linen because of its plain weave, originally used to produce linen fabrics – thick warp and weft yarns are interlaced in a characteristic way, creating a stylishly subtle rectangular grid on its surface. Therefore, the fabric will work perfectly well if you want to use a material which will emphasise the natural or rustic character of the outfit you are sewing. Our custom printed linen is a high GSM fabric with grammage: 230 g/m2. It is one of our thickest materials and printing on it is pure pleasure! Linen absorbs pigment inks readily, the prints are vivid, clear and sharp as well as long-lasting. However, you should remember that linen must be dry cleaned only – you cannot spot treat stains with water and detergent and you cannot wash it either in the washing machine or by hand as rubbing or spinning will wear down the water-based pigment inks on its surface.

shopper bag made of custom printed cotton linen fabric

Dense custom-printed material for use at exhibitions

Many of our customers are looking for custom print cotton linen fabric when they organize exhibitions in museums and art galleries, prepare trade fair stands or design film and theatre sets. To cut a long story short, our custom printed linen will work perfectly well in any place where a special atmosphere needs to be conjured up! Print your own design or choose one of many evocative patterns from our vast catalogue. Create a unique atmosphere with CottonBee fabrics!

Custom printed linen – perfect upholstery fabric

linen thick curtains digitally printed

If you want to rejuvenate your home, we have some useful tips for you. In order to freshen up a tired-looking living room, an armchair swathed in fabric with an exciting pattern can be placed inside it! Our heavy weight materials, including linen, will be just perfect as upholstery fabrics. Printing on linen-like fabric is a great idea if you intend to update the look of your flat or house without a complete overhaul. You will rejuvenate your dwelling by reupholstering your chairs using our custom printed linen – choose off-the-wall patterns to give it a contemporary look or go for one of the extremely trendy subtle botanical motifs. It is completely up to you what your living room will look like!
Linen fabric also makes a great home decor material – you can use it to sew custom-printed curtains, bedspreads as well as many other home decor accessories! Decorative cushions made from custom print linen fabric will warm up your house or flat, making it look more cosy. If you choose made-to-order prints on linen that match the overall interior decor, you are guaranteed to achieve the wow factor that you seek!

Talk about us

Kalina Bańka


Discovering CottonBee has resulted in creating my own brand. Open team and useful guidance in terms of fabric choice and file preparation have led to the long-term cooperation between my company and CottonBee. As a result, I can continuously extend the range of Kelly Bubble products.

Małgosia Sułek i Marek Rogowski


The possibility of sewing from the high-quality fabrics with a unique design is the core of ROGOshion activity. Colour fastness and user friendly products guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. What is more, great heart, a case-by-case approach, the staff commitment and taking care of every detail cause that we don’t want to cooperate with anybody else.

Ewa Olborska


CottonBee is the most convenient way of carrying out small personalised orders. I don’t have to buy big rolls of material just like in industrial printing houses. The whole process is fast, easy and customer-friendly. I like the possibility of buying fabrics with my own designs.

Honorata Humiennik

Mr Puffini

The cooperation with CottonBee has given us the possibility of making home décor for children without looking at fabrics that are available on the market and limiting our creativity by ready components. We appreciate the ease of making an order, the openness to our requests and the idea for doing a business.

Magdalena Magiera

MM Studio

I value CottonBee for professional customer service and individual approach to clients. If problems appear, they are immediately solved. What is more, the website is user friendly and the process of placing an order is easy and fast.

Magdalena Głodek

Głodek Design

I have been cooperating with CottonBee from the very beginning. This is where I did my first tests and made prototypes! We have been in cooperation for more than 2 years and I really appreciate our good business relations! Always on time, nice people and friendly atmosphere. This is what each cooperation should look like.

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Haven’t decided yet? Order a Swatch Book!

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