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Digital printing on single jersey

We print digitally on single jersey of two versions - with different composition and grammage. Print a pattern from the catalogue or upload your design!

Single jersey types we print on:

  • single jersey 100% cotton, 180 g/m2
  • single jersey lycra 92% cotton, 8% lycra, 200g/m2

Order the Swatch Book for 1,99 EUR/GBP and free shipping. Make up your mind and choose which single jersey is the best for your project!

Order a Swatch Book
Printing on single jersey digitally
Color guide printed on single jersey

Color guide on single-jersey

We print digitally on fabric - printed colours may vary between fabrics. To make sure what colours from CMYK palette use in your design, print a color guide on chosen fabric!

Order color guide on single jersey and check what colours to use in your project!

Types of Single Jersey we print on

Check out which type of our single jersey is the best for your next sewing project. Take a look at grammage, possible uses, care instructions and other features of the fabrics. Decide which single jersey to choose for printing your pattern!

Cotton single jersey 180 gsm, 100% cotton

17,90 EUR / 16,90 GBP / running metre

swatch 20 x 20 cm - price: 2,49 EUR (2,49 GBP) / piece

coupon 48 x 48 cm - price: 4,99 EUR (4,49 GBP) / piece

Airy, natural and 100% cotton. Thin and breathable T-shirt knit fabric.

Choose it for sewing:

  • T-shirts
  • summer clothing

Maximum printable area: 156 cm

Estimated shrinkage: from -5% to -6% in length and from -4% to -5% in width


Machine wash warm or cool on a delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent. More care instructions for CottonBee fabrics can be found here.

Single jersey lycra 200 gsm, 92% cotton 8% lycra

18,90 EUR / 17,90 GBP / running metre

swatch 20 x 20 cm - price: 2,49 EUR (2,49 GBP) / piece

coupon 48 x 48 cm - price: 4,99 EUR (4,49 GBP) / piece

Resilient, thin knit fabric of great stretch and high durability. Addition of artificial fibre makes it elastic and resistant to distortion.

Base for sewing:

  • dresses
  • sportswear and casual clothing

Maximum printable area: 156 cm

Estimated shrinkage: from -5% to -6% in length and -0,5% in width


Machine wash warm or cool on a delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent. More care instructions for CottonBee fabrics can be found here.

Why us?

No minimum order

We print on demand, so we can print just a piece of your fabric!

Customer friendly company

Use our user-friendly creator to design your fabric or just call us

Vivid colours and great fastness

We use highest quality water-based, eco-friendly pigment inks

Business offer

If you are:

  • a textile company
  • an independent fashion designer
  • an architect

or you need lots of sewing fabric for any reason – ask for an individual offer.

Need 20+ meters?

See business offer

Online printing on single jersey

Single jersey is a very popular, versatile sewing material, which is well suited for many different applications. What is more, in the CottonBee online shop you can print the pattern of your choice on two types of single jersey fabric – choose one of them depending on what you intend to sew or how exactly you are planning to use the custom print jersey fabric. Printing on single jersey is not all plain sailing, but we met the challenge and managed to solve all the problems involved! Knitted fabrics stretch a little when you are printing on them, which means they are definitely more demanding than non-stretching matrerials. After having invested in specialised machinery, we carried out plenty of experiments and trials and now we pride ourselves on being masters of jersey fabric printing!
Cotton single jersey fabric is produced by knitting cotton yarn so that one side of the material is flat whereas the other side is piled – it is covered with characteristic upright loops, which can be clearly seen if you look at the surface close up. Single jersey tends to curl a little on the edges, but it is a very easy and pleasant fabric to work with when sewing. Choose the fabric with grammage which suits you best, we will print a design of your choice on it and you can start sewing!

printed single jersey tshirt

Single jersey – perfect T-shirt material

Single jersey 100 % cotton is an ideal material for making cotton tops, lightweight T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts or sleeveless shirts! It is pure cotton, lightweight, airy and 100% natural, so do not hesitate and choose our cotton single jersey fabric if you want to sew a top or a T-shirt – the clothing items which are not only indispensable in summer but also very practical in colder months, when they are commonly used as the airy base layer worn under thicker and warmer outfits. Digitally-printed 100% cotton single jersey fabric is the best choice for those intending to sew all kinds of tops or T-shirts to be worn not only by adults but also by children.

Single jersey with lycra – the flexible choice

pyjama pants made of single jersey with print

CottonBee prints on cotton single jersey fabric with lycra – a synthetic fibre known for its elasticity, which is added to produce sewing materials where stretch is desired. Cotton/lycra single jersey with 92% cotton content is a perfect choice for those who want to take advantage of the natural properties of cotton while wearing clothes made from a flexible material with significantly increased elasticity, compared to standard cotton single jersey, thanks to the addition of lycra. Prints stick really well to single jersey with lycra and the material is really easy to care for – it can be machine-washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees, which is exactly how most of us do our laundry on a daily basis! Choose our cotton/lycra single jersey fabric and have your favourite pattern printed on it!

Talk about us

Kalina Bańka


Discovering CottonBee has resulted in creating my own brand. Open team and useful guidance in terms of fabric choice and file preparation have led to the long-term cooperation between my company and CottonBee. As a result, I can continuously extend the range of Kelly Bubble products.

Małgosia Sułek i Marek Rogowski


The possibility of sewing from the high-quality fabrics with a unique design is the core of ROGOshion activity. Colour fastness and user friendly products guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. What is more, great heart, a case-by-case approach, the staff commitment and taking care of every detail cause that we don’t want to cooperate with anybody else.

Ewa Olborska


CottonBee is the most convenient way of carrying out small personalised orders. I don’t have to buy big rolls of material just like in industrial printing houses. The whole process is fast, easy and customer-friendly. I like the possibility of buying fabrics with my own designs.

Honorata Humiennik

Mr Puffini

The cooperation with CottonBee has given us the possibility of making home décor for children without looking at fabrics that are available on the market and limiting our creativity by ready components. We appreciate the ease of making an order, the openness to our requests and the idea for doing a business.

Magdalena Magiera

MM Studio

I value CottonBee for professional customer service and individual approach to clients. If problems appear, they are immediately solved. What is more, the website is user friendly and the process of placing an order is easy and fast.

Magdalena Głodek

Głodek Design

I have been cooperating with CottonBee from the very beginning. This is where I did my first tests and made prototypes! We have been in cooperation for more than 2 years and I really appreciate our good business relations! Always on time, nice people and friendly atmosphere. This is what each cooperation should look like.

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Haven’t decided yet? Order a Swatch Book!

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